C.S. Rudolf Lai

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hello at rudolflai dot com

I am a trader-turned-entrepreneur with a strong interest on applying computer science to solve problems. I am currently involved in the following ventures:


A new way to target and convert new customers. Quantcopy is an AI that monitors your prospects and pitches to them at the best possible opportunity, growing your pipeline around the clock. quantcopy.com →

Sartoria Trenti

Milanese Tailoring, handmade in our London workshops. Soft yet masculine curves, with an inexplicably strong shoulder line that is created using clever stitching and ironing work only. sartoriatrenti.com →

In a different life

I started my career in quantitative sales and trading, first at Morgan Stanley FX electronic trading, where I learned the power of creating a business entirely out of algorithms and data, and the importance of good safe guards in automation. After that, I went to Bank of America Merrill Lynch to build their Commodities electronic trading business, responsible for designing its trading aspects, eventually also covering sales and MiFID II compliance.

I spent three fantastic years studying computer science at Imperial College London, where I also found a strong interest in No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha.